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There are many ways in which to print and share photos and one of the best is to create a photo book. Photo books are compact in design and fit neatly onto shelves in your home. They also make great coffee table books. Back before the era of digital photos, dropping your rolls of film into the local chemist or photo shop to be developed and then eagerly anticipating the envelope of printed photos brought many people a lot of joy. The same can be said about photo books – they are fun to create and it is always very satisfying to see the finished product when they are delivered.

create and share


If you would like Simone to design a photo book for your own special event, she offers a Photo Book Design Package which is ideal for holidays, significant birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and family yearbooks.

If you have professional wedding photos sitting on a USB, and are wanting a photo book of the highest quality as a keepsake of this special event in your life, Simone can cater to this, too.


Simone can help with other ways to display your photos, too. Over the years she has experimented with many ways in which to display photos and she would love to share her experience and expertise with you.

To this end, she offers the following services:

All of her "Create and Share" services are offered Australia wide.


There are platforms available, besides Facebook and Instagram, that allow you to digitally share your photo collection with family and friends. Simone can advise on this, too.

To find out more about her "Create and Share" services, please contact Simone for a no obligation consultation. Click on the links below for information on:

Dragon Touch Classic digital photo frame in our kitchen
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