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Below is an overview of packages and pricing offered by Your Photos Filed for DIY photo organising, create and share services, scanning services and photo restoration. Can't find what you need? Quotes can be provided for any variations to these services.


For details and inclusions of our fully serviced Digital Organising Package, please visit the Photo Organising page.

Digital Photo Organising - DIY Digital Assistance Package


Printed Photo Organising - DIY Starter Pack

Photos taken for use with my business -YourPhotosFiled

Photo Book Design Package - perfect for holiday memories


Wall Art Consultation


Photo Scanning

Photos taken for use with my business -YourPhotosFiled

Photo Restoration


Digital Assistance Package - $165

Perfect for those who are organising their digital photos themselves, but need help along the way.

Your Digital Assistance Package includes:

  • 3 hours of Simone's time to get you underway with the process of digital organising, or assistance throughout the process as required; this includes assistance with Apple Photos/iPhone management
  • 15 minute follow up phone call
  • Inventory template

The three hour session can be split between 1 x home visit and 1 x Zoom session if preferred

If you live regionally or interstate, the session/s can be conducted by Zoom


Taking photos this day and age is fun and easy – no more waiting for those rolls of film to be developed and no more being bound by 24 or 36 exposures. Photo opportunities are endless and it’s very easy to accumulate and store thousands of images across multiple devices.

But how often do you actually go back and look at these images? And if you do, is it difficult to find a particular image, or do you find it overwhelming to navigate around files and folders? Do you worry about your computer crashing, your external hard drive failing, or misplacing your phone and potentially losing all of those precious memories?

It’s really important to regularly organise and back up your digital images. But for many people this is a daunting task, and it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re feeling like this is something you need to get done, but don’t know how to go about it, getting help from a professional photo organiser will definitely make life easier for you.


So how will this work?

As a professional photo organiser based in Adelaide, Simone will initially chat on the phone to discuss your photo management goals and to assess the work required. It might be that you would like Simone to complete your digital photo organising project from start to finish and if this is the case, she offers a comprehensive digital organising package.

On the other hand, you might be technically savvy and keen to do the work yourself, but just need to know the best process to use, and a helping hand to get started.

Alternatively, you may be part way through the process, but need assistance with a certain aspect of digital organising.  Either way, the Digital Assistance Package offers three hours of help which can be used in one session, or alternatively, two or three sessions. The choice is yours.


Printed Photo Organising - DIY Starter Pack $195

Your precious memories organised and preserved to enjoy.

Included in your Starter Pack:

  • An introductory 15 minute Zoom session
  • An hour of Simone's time at your home explaining the organising process and getting you on your way
  • Photo Organising Kit containing the tools you need to get started
  • Goals and Phases worksheet
  • Inventory worksheet
  • 15 minute follow up call
  • Premium scanning of 200 prints (up to 5x7in)

If you live regionally or interstate, the one hour session can be conducted by Zoom and the kit will be posted.

Photos taken for use with my business -YourPhotosFiled

Do you have old family photos displayed in albums, stored in boxes, or scattered around the house in various places? Is it on your list of things to do to get them out of their albums, out of their frames, out of cupboards and drawers and have them scanned and digitised?

If scanning is on your ‘to do’ list, it is important to make sure your photos are organised beforehand, as it will make the scanning process and subsequent digital organising so much easier and will avoid a digital mess.

Organising your printed photos is a big project to undertake and often too overwhelming to ever get started on. However, there is a process to it, and Simone can take on this project from start to finish, getting your precious memories organised in such a way that not only allows you to enjoy them again, but also leaves a photo legacy for the next generation.

Simone charges by the hour and the project cost will vary depending on the number of photos, slides, negatives and memorabilia in your collection.

Simone works on each project for 4-6 hours per week and invoices on a fortnightly basis.

If you plan to work on the project yourself, but would like to know the best process in doing this, and need help to get started, Simone offers a Starter Pack to get you on your way.

Photo Book Design

Photo books come in all shapes and sizes, and Simone offers a Photo Book Design Package for $495 which is a great starting point for family yearbooks, travel books, anniversaries, graduations and significant birthdays. It includes a high quality, lustre, lay-flat photo book. Other books are available at different price points for events such as weddings and professional family photos.

This package includes:

  • Landscape, portrait or square book (28x21cm, 21x28cm, 21x21cm)
  • Lustre, lay-flat pages
  • Up to 150 photos
  • 20 spreads/38 pages
  • Editing of photos where required
  • 1st draft design
  • 1 round of changes

Further costs apply for the following:

  • additional pages/photos/editing 
  • larger sized book
  • additional round of changes



Wall Art Consultation - $150.00

This package includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Design of Gallery Wall / Wall Art
  • Working with up to 12 images
  • Editing of supplied images
  • Organising printing / advising framing

** Further costs apply for printing/framing
** Further costs apply for additional images



Premium batch scanning service for small prints (supplied as loose prints)

5x7in or smaller - 60c per photo

  • Photos scanned at 600DPI resolution
  • Files rotated and colour corrected
  • Files named and saved into folders as specified by customer
  • Files saved onto USB or external hard drive (EHD) supplied by customer

Larger print/document size (flatbed scanning)

8x12in, 8x10in, A4 - $1.25 per print/document

  • Photos scanned at 600DPI resolution
  • Files rotated and colour corrected
  • Files named and saved into folders as specified by customer
Photos taken for use with my business -YourPhotosFiled

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is charged by an hourly rate. Simple restoration work such as scratches and crease marks may only take a few minutes, whereas more complex restoration work may be in excess of one hour.

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