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For many years Simone, founder of Your Photos Filed, has been passionate about photography – not only taking beautiful pictures but also displaying them in a manner of ways using a variety of mediums.

With the onset of digital photography, which coincided with the raising of her two daughters, Simone took more photos and videos than ever before. After some time, she realised she had photos scattered everywhere -  existing on phones, external hard drives, USBs and her DSLR camera. She found it hard to find a particular image, and was worried that her photos were not backed up and secure.

Simone wanted to fix this, and undertook the necessary training; not only learning how to organise her digital photo collection, but also her printed photos. With her interest in photography, and years of admin experience, she found she had an aptitude for this sort of work.

Photo Organising Adelaide
Photo Organising Adelaide

Simone decided to start Your Photos Filed so that she could help others organise their photos, offering her knowledge, expertise and empathetic nature.

Whether it be organising digital photos, sharing photos creatively or organising, scanning and preserving printed photos and memorabilia – or a combination of all of the above - Simone is here to help. She can assist with your photo organising project in a productive and thoughtful manner, and as a certified member of The Photo Managers, you can be assured that she works to industry standards, keeping up do date with all things photos!

As part of Simone's professional development, she continues to develop her own photographic work. She loves photographing landscapes, seascapes, buildings and townships and her current body of work includes images taken in her favourite places throughout South Australia.

In August 2023 Simone will be participating in the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) and her exhibition is titled "South Australia - through my eyes".

Easter Sunday evening - champagne and Midnight Oil tunes watching the sunset at Midnight Oil House.  A great way to end the day.
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