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Do you have old family photos displayed in albums, stored in boxes, or scattered around the house in various places? Is it on your list of things to do to get them out of their albums, out of their frames, out of cupboards and drawers and have them scanned and digitised?

If scanning is on your ‘to do’ list, it is important to make sure your photos are organised beforehand, as it will make the scanning process and subsequent digital organising so much easier and will avoid a digital mess.

digital photo organising Adelaide

Organising your printed photos is a big task and one that is often too overwhelming to ever get started on.  However, there is a process to it, and Simone from Your Photos Filed can help every step of the way.  She can be completely hands on, working one on one with you to organise your photo collection, or she can provide coaching and support, helping you to set goals and get started with your photo organising project. To this end, she offers a Starter Pack for $195.


Once your photo collection has been organised, Simone can then assist with the scanning and digitising process. There is the option to add metadata to each file, providing information such as location, subject/s, and event. This information will be retained with each file, meaning that the story behind the photo will be there for future generations to enjoy. A backup system will also be advised and implemented to keep the collection safe. By digitising your photo collection,  there will be many options available to creatively share your important photographic history with family and friends.


So how will this work?

A photo captures a moment in time, and tells a story of people and places in time gone by. A printed photo might mean a lot to those who hold an association with its subject/s, but if the next generation does not know the people in the photo, or the place that it has been taken, the connection has been lost. It is therefore important to properly document old photos, slides and negatives by ORGANISING them, and then SCANNING them, keeping them safe and preserving the story behind the photo for future generations to enjoy.

After your original, printed photos have been organised and scanned, it is best practice to keep them out of their albums and stored in archival boxes – saving space, and keeping them safely preserved.  Simone can assist with this, too.

Knowing how much your photos mean to you, Simone will make sure they are handled carefully throughout all of the processes described above.

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Digital Photo Organising Adelaide
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