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For those who are time poor, overwhelmed, or lack the technical knowledge to organise their digital and/or printed photos themselves, but know that it's a job that needs to be done, Simone can take on the whole project from start to finish. You will be delivered a neatly organised family photo archive and given advice on how to securely back it up. By having your photos organised, you will once again feel in control of your precious memories. You will be able to enjoy your photos again and you will have peace of mind that a legacy has been created to pass onto future generations.


If you have digital and printed photos to be organised, but would prefer to organise the printed photos yourself, you can combine the Digital Photo Organising Package (see below) with a Printed Organising Starter Pack. Simone will get you underway with organising your printed photos, and you can be doing this whilst she is organising your digital photos.  Once the printed photos have been organised and scanned, she will add them to your digital photo archive. The perfect solution!

Printed Photo Organising Pricing

Organising my mum’s family photos

Digital Photo Organising Package

Organise - Digital

Printed Photo Organising

Do you worry about your physical photos being destroyed in a catastrophic event, such as flood or fire? Would you like to know they are backed up and secure, ready for the next generation to enjoy?

Are your photos sitting in albums and quietly deteriorating? Did you know that magnetic albums are particularly bad for the longevity of photos?

If you know you need to organise your photos, negatives, slides and memorabilia, but don't have the time to do it yourself, Simone can take on the project for you. She charges by an hourly rate and can do the work from her home office.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to take on the project yourself but need help to get started, Simone offers a Starter Pack to get you on your way.


Organise your photos before getting them scanned!

If it's your intention to gather and scan photos that you have stored in albums, frames, boxes and drawers around your house, it is highly recommended to organise them beforehand. This will make the scanning process and subsequent digital organising so much easier and will avoid a digital mess.

There is a process to organising your photos, and Simone can provide the coaching that you need to get going. For $195.00, the DIY Starter Pack will include the following:

Photos taken for use with my business -YourPhotosFiled

It will start with an introductory Zoom session (or telephone call - whichever you prefer) where Simone will listen to the outcomes you'd like to achieve and let you know how to prepare for your one on one coaching session with her.

During your hour's session with Simone, she will explain the photo organising process and help you to set achievable goals and a realistic timeframe. She will also provide you with a 'tool kit' containing the items you need to get started.

Once you're underway, Simone will check in with you during the process to see how you're going and whether you need additional assistance.

Your Starter Pack includes 200 premium scans, so when you're at this stage of the process, Simone will arrange to collect your photos and they will be professionally scanned, with file names reflecting the year/s the photos were taken.

After your printed photos have been organised and scanned, it is best practice to keep them out of their albums and stored in archival boxes – saving space, and keeping them safely preserved.  Simone can provide advice with regards to this stage of the process.

Photos taken for use with my business -YourPhotosFiled

Digital Organising Package - $1,950

Stop the overwhelm and enjoy your digital photos again by having an organised, tidy photo archive. Your photos will be easily searchable and ready to share with family and friends in creative and meaningful ways.

There are three stages included in your Digital Organising Package:

1: Setting up for success

  • Initial Zoom consultation and advice on how to gather your digital photos including downloading from any cloud storage
  • Meeting at your home to collect and copy photos from devices to an external hard drive (if you live regionally or interstate, other arrangements can be made)
  • In consultation with you, creating a keyword list that can be applied to your photos making them easily searchable once they've been organised
  • Setting up your family photo archive

2: Getting to the nitty gritty - the organisation stage

  • Removing duplicated images
  • Removing images that add no value to your collection e.g. images that are out of focus, too dark, too light and/or screenshots
  • Organising photos chronologically (yearly and then sub-folders within each year)
  • Correcting dates for those files that are missing capture dates, where possible
  • Renaming files in each folder to make them easily identifiable
  • Adding a selection of pre-determined keywords to files to make them easily searchable
  • Liaising with you throughout the project with regards to queried photos

3: Enjoying your photos again

  • Delivery of organised photo archive on a 2TB external hard drive (included)
  • Summary of work provided
  • Recommendations for backing up your photo archive
  • Recommendations for ongoing maintenance

Now that you have an organised digital photo collection, it will be easy to complete other projects such as photo books and slideshows. There are also many cloud sharing services available to easily share your photos with family and friends.

Find out more in the Create and Share page


  • Package includes the organisation of up to 40,000 digital images. If there are more than 40,000 digital images stored across your devices and/or cloud storage, an additional charge of $500 will apply for every 20,000 images
  • The project will be undertaken over a period of six to eight weeks 
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